Crude Oil vs. Refined Oil: What’s the Difference?

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Breaking Down Oil’s Journey from Ground to Gas Tank

What is Oil, and Where Does it Come From?


Oil is more than just a fuel. It powers our cars, heats our homes, and even plays a part in creating the plastic items we use daily. However, how oil comes from the ground to our homes is a complicated process. The first stage of this journey begins with crude oil – the raw, unprocessed material that comes directly from the ground.


In its natural state, crude oil isn’t useful for the average person. This kind of oil is thick, dark, and full of a mixture of different substances, each with its own unique properties. 


Suffolk Oil is among those who specialize in locating and extracting crude oil using advanced technologies. This process is only the beginning, but it’s a critical one. It provides the basic material needed for energy and many products around the world.

Extracting Crude Oil: The First Step

Getting crude oil starts with a search underground. Imagine looking for something that you can’t see and that’s hidden under layers of rock. That’s what finding crude oil is like.


Suffolk Oil uses drills to reach deep down and bring the oil up after finding it. This oil is a mixture of many elements, like sulfur and metal, that have been sitting under the earth for ages. They need to be sifted through before the oil becomes useful.


Suffolk Oil is good at handling these challenges. We are experts in getting crude oil ready for the next step, which is making it into something people and businesses can use.

The Refining Process: Making Oil Usable

Refining is where the magic happens in turning unusable crude oil into something we can actually use. Suffolk Oil utilizes sophisticated refining processes to do just that. These processes involve heating and treating crude oil to break it down into its components, also known as fractions. Each fraction has a different size, weight, and boiling point, allowing it to be separated and collected.


The second part of the refining process includes altering the chemical structure of these fractions to create specific products. For example, some fractions are perfect for making gasoline, while others can be transformed into diesel or jet fuel.


Suffolk Oil prides itself on its ability to refine oil with precision. We ensure that each product is of the highest quality and ready for the market. This refined oil is what powers our vehicles, heats our homes, and even lubricates the moving parts of machinery.

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All the Things Made from Refined Oil

Crude oil can become so many things once refined. If you look around, you’ll find refined oil products everywhere. Suffolk Oil takes the raw oil and turns it into fuels like petrol, diesel, and jet fuel. But it can also be into parts of everyday items like plastic bottles and life-saving medical equipment.


These products are an essential part of our lives. The petrol that goes into cars and the oil that heats homes in the winter all start out at places like Suffolk Oil. The process of refining oil sorts it into these helpful forms.

Oil’s Impact on the Environment

Talking about oil means we also need to talk about the environment. Digging up and refining oil has a significant effect on our planet. It can make the air dirty and add to the problem of climate change. Suffolk Oil knows this is important and is working hard to make these processes cleaner and safer for the earth.


Suffolk Oil is looking ahead. We are using new technologies to make our work less harmful to our planet. We ensure we can all have the energy we need without damaging the world for the future of our environment.

Choosing the Right Oil for Your Needs

If you’re deciding between crude and refined oil, think about what you need it for. Suffolk Oil can help supply both, but they’re used for different things.


Crude oil is what refineries and some industries need. It’s the starting point. Refined oil is what you’re more familiar with. It’s what you put in your car and use to heat your house.


Suffolk Oil is all about getting you what you need. Whether you’re a big business that needs a lot of crude oil to make other products or just someone who needs heating oil for the winter, we’ve got you covered. We ensure that whatever kind of oil you need, you’re getting the right kind and the best quality.

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